Terms and Conditions


Returns are accepted only under the following conditions:

1. The item has been significantly mis-represented (Railtec Models to pay costs of return postage).
2. The item is not suitable and contact is made within 14 days of purchase (buyer to pay costs of return postage).
3. The item is returned within 14 days of the buyer contacting Railtec Models and receiving confirmation that the item may be returned.

In any situation the item must be returned to Railtec Models in the same condition as it was dispatched (with appropriate level of packaging). Items which are returned in a less valuable condition will be subject to only a proportion of a refund being given.

Condition of Models

Many of our items are customised to an exhibition standard by hand, and therefore there may occasionally be a slight variation between the model displayed and the model that you actually receive. Examples may include different running numbers, variations in specific locations of decals on models, plastic vs metal wheelsets etc. This may occur when we have several of the same item yet it makes sense to photograph only one.


All images on this site are copyright of Railtec Models and may not be used without permission. Images of transfer/decal designs constitute intellectual copyright.


Railtec Models cannot be held responsible for any loss (complete or partial), damage or degradation to any items or reputation resulting from use or misuse of any of its products or services, nor for any such direct or indirect damage caused by the use or misuse of information on this site.

If it is suspected that a customer's conduct either prior to, during or after purchase may cause the integrity and/or intent of that person or persons to be called into doubt, Railtec reserves the right to liaise with industry peers and other relevant authorities in order to support or dismiss such doubt to its conclusion. In the interests of online security our web hosts log every visit to every page which can be leveraged to support such possible investigations. These logs include digital footprint data, and this data may be monitored in real time either by the hosts or by Railtec. If it is determined that an individual or group of individuals has acted with deliberate and unreasonable intent to harm the reputation, integrity or business of Railtec then such individual or individuals may be subject to libel proceedings and further action from relevant authorities where appropriate.


For delivery within the UK, a reasonable delivery time as advised by Royal Mail is 15 working days from due delivery date (this will typically be 18 working days after the order has been dispatched). In most instances, items typically arrive within 2-3 days of the order being placed, and in some cases even sooner. However, due to an increasing handful of "my item has not arrived" claims, by continuing with a purchase the buyer agrees to waive normal consumer rights as granted under both the Sale Of Goods Act and the Consumer Contracts Regulations. However, do not worry: we always look after our honest customers. (If any references as to the integrity of our ethics are concerned, rest assured that the likes of Pete Waterman, George Dent, Hattons, Silver Fox and countless others have been working with us for years. We just have to protect a small business and our honest customers from the few individuals who set out to be dishonest). If we have reason to suspect a dishonest customer then Railtec will proceed as set out under Miscellaneous above. In normal circumstances, items nearly always turn up although for reasons best known to the delivery services, on isolated occasions this can take a couple of weeks. Nevertheless, in an unlikely eventuality of non-delivery, the intended recipient agrees that Railtec will lodge a formal and legal claim with the delivery service which thereby constitutes a legal document containing the intended recipient's full details. If the intended recipient refuses to permit this then a claim will be treated as potentially fraudulent and as such full details will be provided to the delivery service as well as applicable other agencies.


Railtec does not accept any responsibility for the use or mis-use of any information contained anywhere on the web site, social media or other online arenas, nor in email dialog or conversation. Nor does it accept any responsibility for any risk to asset, health, business or reputation due to use or mis-use of its products. Products and information are provided on a best efforts basis and it is the responsibility of the end user to take necessary precautions in the use of such product or information. This includes, but is not limited to, ensuring that the product is compatible with the specific intended method(s) in the end user's specific own environment.

Privacy & Personal Data

Personal data is treated in accordance with our privacy policy.

Refusal of service

Under UK law, Railtec reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason, providing that the reason for refusal is not knowingly and solely based on age, disability, gender, race, religion or sexual orientation.

If you have any concerns about the above or require any further explanation, please just contact us and we will happily assist.