Railtec Transfers manufactures waterslide transfers (decals) for all gauges and hobbies. The products are used by Bachmann Europe, Peco, Pete Waterman, Direct Rail Services and thousands more. Read the customer testimonials.

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3D transfers by Railtec

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Latest Transfer Releases Customer Images
4mm 2309 GBRf class 73 loco detail
4mm CL1141 Complete loco: GBRf 73109 w/ Spitfire logos
7mm 2309 Renumber/rebrand GBRf 73109 Spitfire logos
7mm CL1024 Complete loco: 97405 (40060)
7mm CL1025 Complete loco: 97406 (40135) 97408 (40118)
7mm 6094 MEA open mineral wagon pack A
7mm 6095 MEA open mineral wagon pack B
7mm 6096 MEA open mineral wagon pack C
7mm 6097 MEA open mineral wagon pack D
2mm C3110 Complete loco: BR RedStripe Railfreight class 31 w/ your number
7mm 6475 ECC China Clay logos for hoods/tarpaulins, suit UCV
7mm 2307 Complete loco: Civil Link / GBRf 73119
2mm 6600 PGA CAIB wagon hood detail
4mm 6934 MSV iron ore tipplers for stone: pool 7603 pack A
4mm 6935 MSV iron ore tipplers for stone: pool 7603 pack B
2mm 1079 Vents / grilles
2mm 1062 Orange door light markers
2mm 3399 Steam loco support coaches
2mm 2068 Network Rail (2016 variant) 999606 Ultrasonic Test Unit
2mm 2074 Network Rail PLPR 72631
2mm 2067 Network Rail (2016 variant) 975091 Mentor
2mm 2075 Network Rail PLPR 72639
2mm 2070 Network Rail (2016 variant) 999602 Ultrasonic Test Unit
2mm 2914 Network Rail Track Recording Unit 950001 (2016 version)
4mm 1027 BR Scottish TOPS loco data panels w/ integrated shed codes
4mm 2304 Complete loco: GBRf 57310

4mm-8902: George Dent

7mm-6341: Pete Waterman

4mm-2661: PH Designs