Railtec Transfers manufactures waterslide transfers (decals) for all gauges and hobbies. The products are used by Bachmann Europe, Peco, Pete Waterman, Direct Rail Services and thousands more. Read the customer testimonials.

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3D transfers by Railtec

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Latest Transfer Releases Customer Images
7mm 2453 Rail Operations Group barrier vehicles 6378 6379 Set T4
7mm 2452 Rail Operations Group barrier vehicles 6330-6346
2mm 5048 Class 128 MPMV parcels: BR blue
4mm 5048 Class 128 MPMV parcels: BR blue
7mm 4331 BR ex-GWR AEC Railcar pack B
4mm PL1265 3d nameplates: D213 40013 Andania
4mm PL1266 3d nameplates: D211 Mauretania
4mm PL1267 3d nameplates: D221 Ivernia
7mm PL1056 3d nameplates: 33027 Earl Mountbatten of Burma
2mm 6348 OAA / OBA / OCA / ODA wagons
4mm 3023 InterCity 125 & Restaurant Buffet 125 brandings (HST)
4mm 8809 Hazchem labels: 2WE / 1978 flammable gas
7mm 8696 Norsk Hydro Fertilizers logos
4mm 6396 No naked light markings (white)
4mm RN1533 Renumber/rename: 86101 Sir William A Stanier (InterCity Swallow)
4mm RN1532 Renumber/rename: 47411 The Geordie
4mm RN1531 Renumber/rename: 158720 Inverness & Nairn Railway
4mm RN1530 Renumber/rename: 158707 Far North Line (black plates)
4mm RN1529 Renumber/rename: 158707 Far North Line (blue plates)
4mm RN1527 Renumber/rename: 158715 Haymarket (vinyl plates)
4mm 1366 Newspapers and Express Parcels brandings
7mm 6552 Fish codes: Turbot Squid Bream
2mm 8903 Graffiti: artistic C (suits larger wagons)
2mm 8904 Graffiti: artistic D (suits larger wagons)
2mm 8905 Graffiti: artistic E (suits larger wagons)
2mm 8906 Graffiti: artistic F (suits larger wagons)

4mm-8902: George Dent

7mm-6341: Pete Waterman

4mm-2661: PH Designs