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Latest Transfer Releases     ::    51 new packs in the last 30 days Customer Images
4mm CL1118 Complete loco: 47712 Artemis (Blue Pullman)
7mm 2366 Complete loco: West Coast Railways 08678 (555)
4mm 3182 Pullman: 1980s BR blue/grey (incl Hadrian/Nightcap Bar)
4mm 3186 Manchester Pullman: 1990s InterCity mk3
4mm 3018 Complete vehicle: Buffet Griddle Restaurant RB RF (BR blue)
4mm RN1393 Renumber/rename: 47621 Royal County of Berksihre
4mm RN1395 Renumber/rename: 37401 Mary Queen of Scots (EWS)
2mm 1009 BR loco headcodes pack B
4mm RN1391 Renumber/rename: 47087/47624 Cyclops
4mm RN1392 Renumber/rename: 60002 High Peak
2mm 5703 Irish NCC Jinty No 19 w/ 3d cabside plates
2mm CL1030 Complete loco: 90037 Hans-Georg Werner
7mm C5004 Complete loco: BR blue (80s/90s) class 50 w/ your number
3mm C5203 Complete loco incl nameplates: BR blue Western (early BR)
3mm 3042 BR blood & custard/crimson & cream coach lining
3mm 3043 BR maroon coach lining
4mm RN1390 Renumber/rename: 37156 37311 British Steel Hunterston
4mm RN1389 Renumber/rename: 37506 British Steel Skinningrove (black plates)
4mm RN1388 Renumber/rename: 37506 British Steel Skinningrove (red plates)
4mm RN1387 Renumber/rename: 37505 British Steel Workington (black plates)
4mm RN1386 Renumber/rename: 37505 British Steel Workington (red plates)
7mm 5631 Irish Flying Snails: small white
7mm 5632 Irish Flying Snails: small eau de nil
7mm 5643 Irish eau de nil coach lining
4mm RN1385 Renumber/rename: 47809 Finsbury Park
4mm RN1384 Renumber/rename: 66058 Derek Clark

4mm-9002: George Dent

7mm-6341: Pete Waterman

4mm-2661: PH Designs